Pole Worx started over a decade ago in a small studio, and we have grown as the world of pole fitness has grown. Now an international sport, we are bringing pole to Kansas City.

All our classes are great ways to get fit without even noticing. Our studio feels like home to many of our students. We form a community so that our students look forward to coming to class—we wouldn’t want to miss our buddies nail that new move!

Let us guide you along your journey to inversions, flexibility, abs of steel, and lines with grace. Our instructors are all dedicated and passionate individuals in their areas of expertise who work to make our studio a place where you can reach your goals.

Our most frequently asked question is, “Can I do this?” The answer is absolutely yes! Everyone can start their journey wherever they are. You don’t have to be flexible or strong to start. We will get you there! We work with students at all levels and build from their starting point. We will work with you to make sure you feel like you have a fitness plan that fits your goals, life, and capabilities.

Pole is for everyone!

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